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Welcome our PA bird feeder cam 1. This live stream includes views of 5 different bird feeders that are located in Western Pennsylvania. These feeders attract an array of birds that are common to this area. The camera installed at these feeders is a pan-tilt-zoom camera that we can remotely move the each feeder and zoom in to view the birds in better detail.

We have recently had issues with a flock of European starlings taking over the feeders. In order to control the starlings from eating all of our bird seed we designed a couple of feeders in cages with the feed they love. The other feeders have oil sunflower seeds, which they can't eat. This seems to have controlled the starling. The starlings love the bluebird seed mix we made of 60% no waste bird seed and 40% dried mealworms. This feed is used to attract the eastern bluebirds.


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